Garagiste: n. A small-scale, progressive winemaker who has very basic facilities, but makes outstanding wines. A winemaker who breaks all traditions and spurns the idea that one needs millions of dollars to make world-class wines in their garages.

To be a Garagiste, I believe not only means making fine wine with limited equipment and resources, but also to the extent possible, actually making as much of the the equipment needed to make the wine  as well.  The challenges of creating interesting contraptions, vinting facilities and controls, and inexpensive ways of working around expensive alternatives to achieving the same results as the winemakers in other fine wineries give me an additional “ownership” of the wine and adds to the fun.

My winery, true to form and definition, is in a corner of my garage and shares space with our cars and my workbench/woodshop. 

In the spirit of a Garagiste, I raise a glass in salute: To joy, to love, to life!  Cheers!

© Steve Hughes 2012